LocalsTell is a site where contributing editors from different countries around the world, regardless of cultural background, continue to produce their local living content, aiming at helping foreigners, especially different cultural groups, to understand the lives of local people more accurately and truly. LocalsTell means telling local story to change people’s understanding of different cultures and methods, and creating natural subjects that can be truly understood and integrated by different cultures.

LocalsTell’s contributing editors are selected by site operators. In principle, a certain city in a country will only select one contributing editor to ensure the consistency of content production. Therefore, in order to reduce the one-sidedness or extreme personalization of content, The content produced by selected editors will at least represent the living conditions or thought patterns of most of their local people. This will be the first criterion for our selection of editors.

LocalsTell aims to break the traditional media image of various cultures, and the ordinary people in the area tell their true stories or opinions, and provide the most authentic and reliable localized content for the travel enthusiasts of the world or the exotic culture seekers. You can be a fisherman, a civil servant, or a guide. The only requirement is that in order to ensure that content is shared with users around the world, you must be familiar with or willing to learn to publish blog posts in English. Website operators will develop translation plugins to increase the popularity of your content among non-English readers.

LocalsTell will focus on the production of high-quality content, rather than eager to find contributing editors around the world, but once you have defined a contributing editor for a city or region, you will be the spokesperson for your city on LocalsTell. By continuing to produce high-quality content, you will eventually receive the full commercial benefits of the traffic you bring to your sector. For example, we will introduce commercial projects such as Google ads and local product recommendations. If LocalsTell has sufficient development potential, it will finally be able to operate in a corporatized manner. The top 100 contributing editors will become co-founders, each of whom will enjoy 0.5% of the company’s original equity.

LocalsTell, breaking the traditional media image on everything. Welcome to join us.

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